Thursday, August 9, 2012

Missin' My Peeps

As you saw in my post yesterday (on the off-chance that you read it!), there are certain things about America that I'm definitely missing. I know that I will find substitutes for some and others I will just have to miss/build my anticipation for until I can have it again in December! Obviously one of the things I miss most is my friends and family. And unfortunately, that's one of the things that is irreplaceable! Haha. I've met some great people here, but nothing compares to the people I 'left behind'. While it's been a little lonely occasionally, I've been trying to stay positive and just remember how much those people mean to me. Lately, it seems everywhere I look, I see things that remind me of one person or another. I've taken some pictures to let you know what I mean.... Enjoy!

**Please note: It is not always convenient or social acceptable to take pictures, so don't be offended if you don't see something on here that represents you! I have been thinking about you, I promise!!**

Things that remind me of Peter:

There are cats EVERYWHERE! Some are sophisticated like this one in front of the Petronas towers, others are less classy and hang out in the sewers. Your dream come true?
They have Starbucks Malaysia mugs! The only way you're getting one is by coming to visit me (or on the black market, I guess...)
Things that remind me of Kalia & Alison:
I got Fro-Yo the other day! The toppings were awful! Haha. But, lots of fruit for you, Alison  and lots of weird toppings for Kalia!
Things that remind me of my family/sisters. (This list could go ON and ON, but here are 2 in particular that made me smile!):
These are everywhere! Dad, guess what you're getting for Christmas?
I wonder if they have any 'h's and zeds in there? Would you like to buy a new pair of pant?
Things that remind me of Danielle:
There's no alcohol in this one, but since we're forever looking for pretty drinks, I thought this one met the mark! It's a Mango/Dragonfruit smoothie! So yummy! (And who says we couldn't add our own alcohol to it?)

Hopefully you can read the name of this little shop.... :) Missin' my Pandas!!
Things that remind me of Phil:
You've snuck a knife into Canada, think you could sneak one of these onto the plane? Haha. They also have machine-gun shaped wine bottles and all sorts of framed guns for decorations. Come visit?
Things that remind me of all my faithful blog readers:
Bottom Left.... Roti I Love You. "Roti" means "Bread." I have no idea what I Love You Bread is, but come visit me and we'll figure it out together!
 Thank you all for being part of my life!

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