Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 1

I promise I'm not going to do a post for each day. That's just way too much work for something that only like 5 people read... Just Skype me. Haha.
But, I figured my first day in the new homeland would be good to record.

I woke up around 6:30 (thanks, jetlag!) and got showered and ready. Around 8, my director, his wife and I went across the street to an Indian restaurant to get breakfast. Now, I'm not the hugest fan of Indian food, so really wasn't sure how I'd enjoy it for breakfast, but it turned out to be super yummy! I got a dish called Tosai Telur. "Telur" means "egg" in Indonesian/Malaysian, and I don't know what Tosai means. It was a huge crepe with some dipping sauces. Plus fresh squeezed orange juice, yum!

After breakfast, we headed over to the church where our school is going to meet. They gave me a grand tour (all 5 rooms!) and I was able to get online and let people know I'd made it... I know you were all so worried! Haha.

Then we walked over to the apartment of Jalah and Clay (a married couple who I'll be teaching with! I'm sure you'll be hearing more about them because they're awesome!). We hung out in their apartment for a few hours just catching up. They gave me a quick insiders view of KL according to what they'd experienced so far. By the time we got done talking, it was lunch time, so we walked back to the Indian restaurant where we'd had breakfast and got food (apparently, it's a crowd favorite, I have a feeling it'll be a frequented place!). From here we went to buy me a phone so I'd have a way to be in touch with (some of) the world. I went for the cheapest.... Super weird transition from a Blackberry to a super generic flip phone with T9 texting!! So far, it's a nice little downgrade!

Look at that fine piece of craftsmanship!
After we got me up and running, Jalah, Clay, and I boarded a train/subway to go to KL Sentral. It's the Malaysian version of Union Station. They showed me around a little bit and then we figured out how to get me on the right train to get to the airport to pick up my family! My director is a bit of a nervous traveler, so he made sure I allowed for PLENTY of extra time, meaning I got to the airport way early, arranged a taxi to the beach, surfed the net (free wi-fi in Malaysia is very prevalent!), and just kept watching the screen to find out when they would land. I thought it was a little weird that my mom had said they arrived at 6:30, but the only flight on the screen arrived at 6:45.. But, knowing that Asia isn't known for its punctuality, I shrugged it off and continued waiting.

Around 7:30 I got a call from an unknown number, answered it to hear my sister telling me they were at the OTHER airport (20 minutes away). The other airport is the Low Cost Carriers Terminal (LCCT). I thought it was for domestic flights only. Had I known it was for cheapo airlines in general, I obviously would have gone straight there. :) After a brief re-negotiation with the taxi driver, he took me over there, we got the family, and headed to the beach. It was a lot more stressful than it sounds here (they didn't have a phone, my Internet was spotty, the taxi driver worked for a middle man who was super sheisty, etc), but we got to Port Dickson in an hour or so. We quickly got settled into our villas, and I went almost straight to sleep, silly jet lag!

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  1. Your fine piece of downgraded craftsmanship is what both of our phones look like. So don't worry, you're in good company! :)