Sunday, October 9, 2011

Multiplication Rhymes!

I still remember when MY fourth grade teacher taught me, "Eight times eight is sixty-four, shut your mouth and say no more!" I've passed it on to my students and they love it. Then, I came across a worksheet that allows them to come up with their own multiplication rhymes to help with memorizing... here are some of my favorites:

"Nine and nine are black. Nine times nine is 81." (The sample rhyme at the top of the worksheet was "8 and 4 were sad and blue. 8 times 4 is thirty-two." Apparently, the definition of rhyming and the term 'feeling blue' were lost on my little ESL kids!!)

"Nine times seven is 63. Kevin is up a tree."
"Nine and seven are really moo. 9 times 7 is sixity-two." (Welcome to 4th grade. This year, you will learn how to multiply, use real adjectives, and spell correctly!)

"Seven times eight is 56. What am I going to do with this chick?" (This assignment was done the same day as Family Life Education/Puberty Talks... clearly he's one of my early-developers.)
"Seven and 8 have a face. 7 times 8 are 56." (First step, multiplication. Second step, rhyming.)
"Seven and eight is 56. Eleven twigs and sticks." (Why eleven??)
"Seven and eight is awesome! 7 times 8 is 56." (Ok! Whatever helps you remember it....)

"Four times seven is 28. Today is my birthday." (No, it's actually not. Please get back to the task at hand.)
"4 times 7 is 28. Kevin is near a plate." (Who the heck is Kevin?!)
"Don't like rhymes. It equals 28 rhymes." (Point taken.)

Haha. There actually were some good ones that we'll hang up around the classroom, but this is one assignment that may be more for my enjoyment than students' learning! :) I love my little geniuses and the smiles they bring to my face.