Thursday, August 23, 2012

Birthday #2

My second birthday was actually a surprise. Now, I'm usually not a fan of surprises, but this one I enjoyed. I enjoyed it because it wasn't a surprise party, just a surprise birthday! Let me explain...

Our whole staff (all 6 of us!) were invited over to a fellow co-worker's (Russell - Director of Development) house for a barbeque. His wife had just returned from a month-long trip to America and so he wanted to have everyone over to meet her and hang out. We got there, hung out, and ate some yummy food (watermelon, grilled chicken, chips, pita and hummus... like a real American barbeque! I was so happy!).
Me and two of the kids hanging out!
After a little while, Russell's kids started bringing out gifts and giving some to me and some to Russell's wife, Sharla. Her birthday had happened while she was in the States, so this was a combined surprise birthday for me and her! They had also made two cakes and had lots of ice cream. (They had told Sharla it was a party for me when she asked about the cakes!) It was so sweet and very thoughtful!

My co-workers had also gotten me a gift and it was awesome! They'd only met me two weeks prior, but already knew me so well... see for yourself.

Tie-dye gift bag?! Already a winning present.
Badminton racquets and birdies so that I can 'fit in with the culture', 2 waterbottles because I made the mistake of telling them I have problems staying hydrated, and...
Country Line Dance Work-Out Video! Normally I would be offended and take this as a major hint, but instead I took it as AWESOME! Can't wait to "dance off the inches"!
This was from Russell's kids. While we were out shopping the week before, they showed me a bunch of candles and asked me which one I liked best/they thought their mom would like best. They're sneaky! She also got a matching one, so they didn't even lie about it!
I also got a homemade card and RM 1 in coins from Russell's son! Again, everything about the night was so thoughtful!
Birthday #2 was a success!

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