Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like School!

Summer is my favorite, hands down. But, being a teacher, there is always a certain level of excitement when September starts nearing. This year is definitely no exception as I'm about to endure some HUGE changes from the past three years! Obviously, I'm in a different country. I'm teaching at a brand new school. My class size is about 1/12th the size it was last year. I'm moving from 4th grade to 1st/2nd. Need I continue?

However, a lot of my feelings are the same. I went shopping last week and bought some little baskets for my books which got me really excited. Decorating a classroom to start a new year can be quite fun!
That's my classroom! Can you see why I'm excited to get it decorated?

And the other side...
Then, I came into the school office and saw all of our brand new textbooks laying out and got even more excited.... and a little nervous. I flipped open the reading textbook to Unit 1 and suddenly realized I have NO idea what I'm doing with the little kids! Haha. I did my student teaching in 1st grade, but a) it was the Enrichment Class, so they all knew how to read, and b) I didn't start in there until halfway through the school year, so they DEFINITELY all knew how to read. I have a feeling I'm in for a little bit of a wake-up call! Thankfully, my class size is TINY, so I should be able to give PLENTY of attention to each student. Heck, they'll probably be reading than my 4th graders by the time I'm done with them! :)

How many boxes would it take to mail an entire set of Reading textbooks from the US to Malaysia?
One sentence per page! Oooooh boy!
This is only the Reading books.. and only half of them, at that!
As with any new experience, there are also the feelings of anticipation, questioning, uncertainty, joy, and so many others. I know this school year is going to be VERY unique and unlike any that I have had before, and possibly will ever have again.We're definitely taking it one day at a time and are all in this together!

We started our meetings today to discuss things like schedule, curriculum, and the other details that we've been in the dark about. We'll also start planning this week and get to get into our rooms to start decorating and organizing! I'm excited to get back on a schedule, and since we move in to our new apartment tomorrow, I have a feeling I'm going to be exhausted for the next few days! I hear the pool calling my name for this weekend!
Minus Jalah and I, there's our whole staff!

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