Friday, August 10, 2012

Deposit? Check!

We put down a deposit on our apartment today! Yay!! It's such an answer to prayer! We move in on Wednesday, August 15th. Once we settle in I'll write more about it and include pictures, but for now, let me tell you what I'm most excited about:

- Putting my clothes in a dresser/closet and not having to dig through suitcases and piles to find an outfit to wear!
- Washing clothes in my own washer! I've only done laundry once since I've been here. To do so, I had to walk to my co-workers' apartment with my bag of dirty laundry and back with a bag of wet laundry! (Dryers aren't a thing here because they use too much electricity and the weather is so warm things dry instantly anyways!) Needless to say, it'll be nice to walk across just my apartment and not the apartment complex to do a load!
- Taking a real shower! Call me spoiled, but one of my highest priorities while apartment hunting was a western style bathroom. Apparently the "norm" in Malaysia is just to put up a showerhead anywhere there's extra space on the wall and put a drain at the lowest point of the bathroom. As you can imagine, everything (toilet, sink, towel, etc) gets soaking wet. Also, there's usually no set place for your shower needs so you have to reach all over for shampoo, conditioner, razor, and body wash! My new room at the apartment has a glass-enclosed shower! Whoop whoop!
Case in point. Showerhead & Drain = Shower!
- POOOOOOOL!!!! One of the perks of living in Malaysia is summer-weather year-round = staying tan year-round! I know I'm going to miss the Fall season, but at least I have the opportunity to lounge by the pool side to help me get through it!
- Sleeping in my own real bed! Since I got here, we've been staying at the church guesthouse. I'm so grateful to them for letting us stay there. I've been sleeping on a futon with only a comforter. While I've been sleeping just fine, there's nothing quite like cuddling up in your own queen-sized bed to make everything better!
Six bags of luggage. One comfortable futon.
  - Baking/Eating at home. Since I didn't know how long we'd be staying at the guesthouse, and because there's no stove there, I was hesitant to buy groceries and stock the fridge. As a result, I've been eating most meals out, and while the food has been yummy, it gets old after a while! The kitchen at our new place is BEAUTIFUL and I can't wait to make some spaghetti and chocolate chip cookies!!
Didn't feel like walking to the mall tonight, so scrounged up whatever food I could find for dinner. Aka, Dinner of Champions! That water's for you, Molly!
- Decorating. I love being able to go into a "new" house or apartment and make it "home". I can't wait to add our personal touch to the place... new dishes, pictures, my own sheets, bathmats, and so much more!

Come on Wednesday!!

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  1. Aww these pics are so pitiful haha I am so excited for you to move into your new place.