Monday, June 18, 2012


Now that it's officially summer, I have a little time to catch up on blogging. I say a little, because come next week, I start a 3 week period of being out of town, followed by one week of packing up my house and moving around the world. All that to say, if it doesn't get blogged in the next week, it's not happening for a while!

Way back when (around March?), we did a unit on Poetry in class. I was VERY hesitant going into this unit because my Poetry knowledge is not very strong... as in, not strong at all. I can find rhyming words and usually figure out a rhyming pattern, but that's about it. I'm terrible at theme and different types of poems, non-rhyming poetry, etc. It turned out to be a really fun unit, though, and for that I was pleased! We used a lot of Shel Silverstein type poems and my kids had a lot of fun with mental images and the goofiness he writes.

For one week of the unit, every day in their journal they had to write a poem. A couple of the days, I gave them a topic, other days they could write about whatever they wanted. Here are some of my favorites about miscellaneous topics:

My Mom
"I love my mom. She is the best.
Me and my brother tried to make cookies, but we made a mess.
I love my mom so much.
I said, "Can I see the phone?" She said, "Do not touch."

We always go places.
She makes us have smiling faces.
She is sweet.
I love her meat."

Mega points for all the creative rhymes!

My Classroom
My classroom is very big.
I have a lot of students in my class.

My school is very big.
It has a lot of kids in it.

I have a nice teacher.
We have a lot of desks in our classroom.
I think this is a case of, "I don't know what to write about, so I'm going to look around the room and write what I see."

A Weird Thing That Happened to Me
On a day that appeared very strange,
I woke up and my mother told me to wear string.
On the bus ride to school,
Everyone said I looked cool.

In school, I accidentally tooted,
So everyone stood up and hooted.
At lunch, I spilled my tray,
And everyone shouted, "Yay!"

At the end of the day,
I found out I got an A on my test today.

Spring is fun.
But I don't have enough money to buy a ring.
So please just leave.
Ok, I don't understand.

Winter is my favorite season
I can give you 2 reasons.
First, I love the snow.
But, I would really love to watch a funny show.
Second, my birthday is in the winter.
But, I hope I don't get a splinter.
I'm not sure she actually knows the meaning or idea of 'But'....

Summer is the best.
It has a nice pool
When I want to stay cool.
I know a person who has a tool
That can fix the pool.

A person jumped in the pool
Which broke the tool
And it got so cruel.
Everyone had to fool him to go home.

 I do believe his rhyming pattern is ABBBBBBBC.

And finally, my future rap star:
I go to P***** Elementary School.
But mainly everyone sleeps and drools.

On Monday, we go to Library with Ms. Jones,
Mostly I check out books about bones.

On Tuesday, we go to Art,
But mostly all I hear are farts.

Wednesday, I go to PE,
But basketball is too easy for me.

Thursday is Music,
But when I don't hear Michael Jackson, I lose it.

Friday is PE again,
Now I really hope it will end.

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  1. These are great. And actually some of the rhymes are really good! Shel would be proud!