Monday, June 25, 2012


As mentioned in my last post, it was not uncommon to sit down at my desk and find a note waiting for me from a student. All of my students in my three years of teaching have been VERY good at sharing their affection and it ALWAYS made me smile.

One of my favorite letters this year was on my desk first thing when we got back from Spring Break (as in, it had been written at home on her own time!)! It said:
"Dear Ms. Wacek,
I had fun on Spring Break because I went to my grandma's house. We had fun there. When I come back to school, I will be happy because I'm going to learn things from the best teacher ever, YOU!
Your friend,

The best part is, I know she actually was excited to get back to school to learn! You can't teach that! :)

Another of my favorites:

Now, I've gotten my fair share of 'You're the Best Teacher Ever!' letters, but always read them with a grain of salt, knowing whichever teacher the kid has next year will also get that letter. :) This card, however, takes it one step further. I don't know if she actually knew what she was writing, or if she knew she'd have at least 40 more teachers after me, but I love it nonetheless.

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