Friday, June 8, 2012

Career Day!

This week (the last full week of school!) has been "Focus on the Future" Spirit Week.

Monday was College Spirit Day... none of my kids participated. Mostly because they forgot, but also because many of them don't have a clue which college they'll go to. Very few of them have parents who've attended college, so it's kind of a foreign concept. But it was also Monday, so no reminder the night before! :) I, of course, was rocking my CNU silver and blue!

Tuesday was Sunglasses Day... "Your future is BRIGHT!" A lot participated in this one... mostly because they wanted to show off their stunna shades and aren't allowed to any other day! It was pretty cute, but also minutely annoying trying to teach without being able to see clearly (mine only stayed on for about 5 minutes!) and knowing that all attention was lost due to the 'toys' in the room!

Wednesday was Green Day! "We are on the GO to a successful future!" Every quarter we have a "Time for Celebration" to reward the students who have consistently shown good behavior (stayed on green) throughout the marking period. The final one for the school year was Wednesday, so we tried to correspond the spirit day to it. A LOT of kids showed up in green (St. Patty's Day #2 for the year!) and the Time for Celebration was a huge success!

Yesterday was Career Dress-Up Day! This is probably one of my favorite days of each school year. Not only because I get to fantasize about what life would be like if I weren't a teacher (not nearly as fun!), but also because I get to hear from the kids about their dreams and goals. About half my class dressed up, and I had just about all the bases covered: everything from school librarian to DJ, basketball player, nurse, teacher, singer, WWE Wrestler, lawyer, and police officer. For their journal prompt, I made them all write about what career they wanted to be... and why... and what it would take to achieve that. Then we shared them aloud. It was awesome, and hilarious.

My DJ decided he wanted to be a DJ because he could make a lot of money and give a lot of money back to help poor women and children. ALL of them mentioned that they would need good grades and a college degree to accomplish their dreams. Hopefully they keep believing that! One of my less 'buff' students (one who has been known to cry once or twice this school year), proudly declared he wanted to be a NAVY Seal because he wanted to help people and protect our freedoms. He continued by saying he would need to get good grades (of course) and work out a lot. And I quote, "I can't be a little wimpy guy or I won't even be able to lift up the gun!"

Not too shabby for a $3 costume, huh? :)
Found this pin at the Goodwill for $1! It was sweet... except ALL day I had to listen to students ask if my sister Molly was really a flight attendant/pilot/captain/had ever ridden on a plane/etc.

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