Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Poetry Part 2 - Teacher Poems

The last blog was getting to be too long, so I decided to save some of my favorite poems... the ones about me. :)

"My teacher is the best.
Born in the West (California).
She has a trophy made of gold and solid things.

She has lots of games,
And one you have to tame.
She likes Carrie Underwood,
because she sings really good."
I don't have a clue what line 5 means, but other than that, he knows me pretty well!

"My teacher is nice,
She has brown hair.
I wish I could follow her everywhere.

My teacher is pretty.
Each day she looks very good.
But sometimes she fusses at us,
and tells us to take off our hood."
I promise I don't bribe them or tell them what to write!

Ms. Wacek is nice.
But she hates mice.
Ms. Wacek eats rice.
But I know she still hates mice.
Hahahaha. This child might know me best of all!

Ms. Wacek is a nice teacher.
She has brown hair and hazel eyes.
She works in Room 21.
Her favorite colors are blue and pink.

Her favorite food is spaghetti.
She has a white Blackberry phone with a pink cover on it.
She uses glue for school.

Her best friend is Mrs. Bozung.
She plays kickball.
She went to CNU.
She lays on her bed after school and watches Nick Jr.
Why do I feel like this student just wrote a Missing Person poster about me and not a poem?

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