Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This Award Goes to...

I play in an adult kickball league. Or at least I have for the past 2+ years. I'm sure some of you probably think that sounds really lame, some probably think it's super childish, and others are probably super jealous. You should definitely be jealous. I was pretty naive and skeptical going in, but it has been incredible and addictive. It's wayyyyy too intense for a playground game, but so much fun all the same. My favorite part is actually not playing. Although I've improved IMMENSELY since my first season, I still always get a little bit nervous in the outfield and when I'm up to kick. (I hide it well, the opponents would have no idea!) But no, my favorite part is definitely the people. Without a doubt, I have THE best/most fun/closest team in the league. The core group of us have played together for 4 seasons and they really are like a second family! We've added on and lost teammates along the way and it's been amazing. We've been given the nickname "Supper Club" by certain members in the league because we've been known to hang out exclusively teammates at the sponsor bar over some yummy nachos while everyone else mingled over beers and flip cup. I'm totally cool with that. We hang out so often and are always planning new and crazy activities to keep us busy! We've done boating, Bingo, LaserTag, tubing, Rebounderz, and lots of game nights and dinners, to name a few. Our latest escapade happened Monday night and was the First Annual (or seasonal!) Sackies Awards Night/Going-Away Party/Wedding Shower. We're not sure the "Going Away Party" and "Wedding Shower" will necessarily be annual, but we wanted to implement an awards night and decided to model it after The Office's Dundie awards, and then it just happened to work out to bunch all 3 parties together!

The night was a HUGE success! We decided last minute (aka, a few days before... no excuses for those who didn't do it!) to make it a formal event. Phil, Peter, and I brainstormed awards for everyone and Phil put them together for us. Nicole and Mike cleaned their house and made a podium for the occasion! Everyone chipped in with the yummy, yummy food spread.

Nothing like a laundry rack and blanket to make a stellar podium!
So much yummy food!
Most of us got there around 7 and hung out at the food. After our bellies were full and the last people arrived, we moved to the living room for the presentation of awards. Peter and Phil were the MCs and kept everyone laughing, as always. The awards were well accepted, with a few speeches, even! Some of them were:
Most Improved... and Most Likely To Still Improve More Next Season
Most Likely To Walk Faster Than He Runs
Most Likely To Catch His First Pop Fly Next Season
Most Likely To Run Home Angrily In The Middle Of Practice
Most Likely To Dress Up As A Superhero Nobody Has Ever Heard Of
Fastest Teammate... To Reply To A Facebook Post Incoherently
The prized and treasured Sackies

Peter had a little bit of a reading problem while presenting!

Karen: Most Likely to Write a Blog Post That Nobody Reads -- All in good fun! I read it!!
Nicole: Most Likely to Have the F****** Dirtiest F****** Mouth on the Team
One of the awards up close and personal. They even have a star on them for Battlestar! This one was for a teammate who's currently in Italy and wasn't able to make it. His award: Most Likely to Kill a Teammate for Running the Bases Incorrectly.

And the list goes on. Clearly they're all based on inside jokes and characteristics we've seen in each player, but they went over well and thankfully no feelings were hurt (at least, not that I know of!).

My award was the Most Likely To Organize Team Events From Another Continent... In case it's not clear, I've sort of become the 'even planner' of the team. As I was driving home, I started to think about what event I could plan. Then I remembered some of us had started talking about getting a cabin for a weekend in December (when I come back for Christmas). That would definitely help me maintain my title. Time to start planning! :)

Phil ended up with more trophies than we had awards for, so he made up some extras. He made one for the cake (Best Cake Ever.. and it really was!), one for the team (Best Team Ever... and it really is!), and then surprised me with Best Team Mom Ever! (They're all concerned about who's going to bring Capri Suns and orange slices to games next season! Haha!) I'm going to miss these people sooo much!
It really was THE Best Cake EVER! Good job, Alison!
Proudly accepting it's award.

After the awards, we took a short commercial break and then moved on to the gift presentation. Alison and I took over as MCs. I gave Michael and Erin their wedding shower gift - a Golden Kickball and team picture. Then Alison gave me my Going Away gift, on the stipulation that I open it in front of everyone. It was a memory book she had made of the history of my time on the team. I read most of it aloud but had to stop near the end for fear of tearing up. It is SO amazing and I've already flipped through it multiple times again today.

When all of the presentations were done, we took team pictures, ate cake, and played a few rounds of Mafia. The night was a huge success and made me realize how beyond blessed I am to have these special people in my life. I can only hope that they have a kickball league in Malaysia so I can try to meet new friends who are half as amazing!


  1. And who do you have to thank for joining kickball in the first place? Yours truly ;)

    1. Haha! You, of course! Changed my life forever! :)

  2. Awww I teared up just reading this. So awesome, what great friends.