Sunday, July 29, 2012

Flying Light

I was going to originally name this post “Answered Prayers”, but I feel like there have been/are going to be MANY more posts that could have that same title, so I decided to go more specific. I’m writing this during my 14.5 hour flight from Atlanta to Seoul, South Korea (but will obviously post it once I land since I'm not rich enough to pay for internet on the flight!).

The Lord has MAJORLY been looking out for me today! It started in Baltimore. Tim and Katie took me to the airport and helped me check-in. The self-check-in machine was messing up, so we went to the lady for assistance. She looked at me, looked up my ticket, looked at my two HUGE pieces of luggage and said, “Usually you’re only supposed to be allowed one 50 pound bag, but on here there’s a note that says you get two for free.” Then she weighed them each and one was at 52 pounds (she accepted it!) and the other was at 55, so we pulled some stuff out real quick and got it down to 50. Considering that’s my life’s possessions (minus a few totes in storage), I’d say I did pretty well! But, things just kept getting better. I then went to my gate and while I was waiting heard them make an announcement about gate-checking to your final destination. I’ve gate-checked bags plenty of times, but had only ever done it domestically and thought an employee somewhere had once told me that was all we could do. I decided to pull the naïve card and give it a try. What was the worst that could happen? I’d have to carry my 30 pound backpack and roll my 40 pound suitcase around the Seoul Airport during my 12 hour layover? Well, that’s what the plan was anyway! Haha. The man at the desk very excitedly agreed to gate check it to Kuala Lumpur and just like that I was down to only a backpack! Hallelujah! (Hence the title, “flying light”. Although my backpack does still weigh an insane amount!) 

My flight to Atlanta was short and sweet. I slept about the first hour and then watched a GORGEOUS sunset while we landed. I love flying. I love sunsets. I love sunsets while flying SO much! :) During my 3-hour layover in ATL, I was charging up my electronics when I got called to the desk at my gate. I quickly packed everything up and went over to see what this was all about. The lady pulled up my information and said, “I see you signed up for a window seat?”
I said, “I did, but just in the car on the way over here, I was talking to my brother and sister-in-law about how I think I’d actually prefer an aisle because I like to get up and move around and don’t want to be a hassle to people.”
She breathed a huge sigh of relief and said, “You just made my day! Are you sure you don’t mind? I just accidentally switched you to an aisle seat, and it’s a full flight and before I could move you back to the old seat, someone got online and swooped it up!”

It was pretty ridiculous. I really had JUST been talking to Tim and Katie about it! So, here I sit, in my aisle seat, with 4 hours left to go. I’ve slept, ate 2 meals, slept, watched The Hunger Games, and edited some maternity pictures of Tim and Katie (coming soon!)! 

Thanks for all of your prayers and support! I know this trip wouldn’t be going NEARLY as smoothly without them!! 

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