Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So Nice To Meet You.... Weirdos.

During the first week of school, not only is a lot of time spent acclimating the students to the new teacher, classroom, routines and procedures, but a lot is also spent getting to know the students too. On the second day of school, my students' morning work consisted of a "Get to Know You Questionnaire." Now, with that being such a busy time of year, those questionnaires got shoved in a bag and weren't looked at for about a week. At the time I looked at them, it was mostly a glancing over while I sorted them into a folder with a questionnaire their parents had filled out for me with contact info and such. Anyway, I just found such folder and decided to spend a little time really getting to know the likes and dislikes of my students. What I found was too hilarious not to share (as I'm sure you're realizing, most things my students do are!)....

Question: Do you want to be called a nickname? If so, what is your nickname?
Timmy or Tim Tim-Tim (Is that a nickname or a stutter?)
Madman (whoooooa. What? This isn't X-Men, it's school!)
Nal'asia (from a student named Promise. Clearly the term "nickname" has not been defined for these students...)
DJ Money (Remember the self-portraits of my thugs? He was one of them... surprised?)

Question: What is the best part about coming to school?
Walking in the classroom. (hold on... that's the BEST? Everything else is downhill from there? Holy cow, this child must be miserable everyday!... or not, because this was written by "Madman")
Teach. (I honestly have no idea what is meant by that... a nickname for "teacher" or she likes to teach or doesn't know how to read or what?)
Learning. (This actually was the answer of 6 or more students.... sometimes they sure have a funny way of showing it!)

Question: What is the worst part about coming to school?
Walking. (This was from a bus-rider, so she had to mean walking AT school, not TO school... Which, makes me wonder... is that really the worst?? These kids have very strange perspectives on things.)

Question: What is your favorite subject?
Books. (Ummmmm, last I checked, that was not a subject we actually covered in 4th grade... or ever.)

Question: Do you need to sit in the front, middle or back of the class? Why?
No! (Ironically enough, this was from the student who hates walking... you'd think she'd WANT a seat, but apparently not.)
Back cuz it is fun and I can see better. (Ok, you clearly just threw the "I can see better" in there to try and trick me into letting you sit back there and play around all day?)
Front because I like seeing your face (Still not sure if this is a major compliment or major suck up?)
Anyware caus I do not have eiy problames. (No eye problems, but clearly some spelling issues and no concern for distractions of any sort.... we'll work on that.)
Middle because I am in the back and front (I sure do have some bright kids!)

Question: Do you have any questions? If so, what are your questions?
WHAT IS THAT? (Is she asking what a question is or actually wanted me to tell her what something was the very moment she was writing this?)
What do you do when school lets out? What do you do when we are lunch? (Aww. If only she knew...)

Thankfully, the beauty of working with little people is that they open up and adjust much more easily than a lot of adults, so I've already been able to get to know them so much better than a 10 question survey could ever allow. Through doing so, though, I think it's only made the ridiculous comments they say all the funnier.


  1. Funny stuff. Is there a chance that any of your students parents will read this blog?

  2. Thanks! They keep me on my toes with the ridiculous stuff they say and do (as I'm sure you know, being married to a teacher and all!). One of my student's mom told me she is a regular reader and is always asking about my next post.. I haven't really advertised it, and not sure the response I would get even if I did. Still contemplating whether or not they'll appreciate me making fun of their children. :) Hahaha.