Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Self Image

Back during the first "get to know you" days of school, I had my students do an activity where they had to draw a self-portrait and write some of the goals they had set for themselves for this 4th grade year. When they finished them, I set them aside without really looking at them, and figured I'd break 'em out again for Back to School Night or hold onto them until the end of the year, so they can see if they met their goals. With BTS Night approaching, I'm trying to get my room decorated for parents/guardians to see their students' work. I came across this pile of assignments and started to flip through... Maybe it's just the Psychology Degree in me, but what I found was quite interesting! I decided that the little ones in my room have some serious self-image issues! Haha. I also decided, through this activity, to NEVER assign a project in which they would have to draw a portrait of me...! Who knows what they would come up with!! Check out the pictures, and be prepared to be amazed.
This girl is smart, but she sure does talk a lot... hence the huge mouth?

I can't quite put my finger on what is so weird about this picture, but wow. Valiant effort, though.

Please notice the hands sticking out of his butt. Do you have arms? Would you care to draw them?
I guess I can't make fun of the last one for not having any arms when this one has NO BODY!! Is this really how you see yourself?!?

Apparently I have a class full of straight up thugs. Haha.  I'll admit, they do put up a pretty tough front, but just past that, they are the group of the sweetest boys ever.

Yes, even one of my 3 white boys decided that being a gangsta was the way to go or who he was...? And yes, I'm pretty sure that's a chain.. possibly a gun or gang symbol.. hanging out his back pocket.

 And, my ultimate favorite... Please remember that the students drawing these pictures are around the age of 9. And, while I make fun of the pictures now, they are actually great artists. But, seriously, look at this next picture and tell me there isn't some self-image subconsciousness or other major issues going on..

A picture is worth a 1000 words.... so I have none.

So, still trying to decide if I should hang these up for BTS Night or not.. thoughts? :)

**Note: I went back to the past few posts and added promised pictures, so make sure to check those out too, and enjoy!


  1. Too funny, I have tears in my eyes! Wow, is all I can say. I love your blog...look forward to reading them all year!

  2. HAHAHAHAH ohhhh Leila. These are hysterical. I honestly can't pick a favorite. Possibly the one with the hands coming out the butt. Or the egg-body/head one. Also, since we can't really see the writing that well, on Leila's it looks like it says To get boobs. She's just visualizing her goals!!