Monday, October 4, 2010

Since I'm Sure You're Wondering...

My class got GREEN in the cafeteria today! It did require me forcing them to have silent lunch (which I HATE doing.. lunch should definitely be a social time), my troublemaker eating lunch with the guidance counselor, and me sitting at a table in the cafeteria watching them, but regardless, they didn't even get a warning today!! Hopefully with a few more days like today and gradually weaning them back into a normal lunchtime, they'll get the point and we'll have no further cafeteria issues. :) They were able to have indoor recess as a result (more stinkin' rain!!), so hopefully that's added motivation to do well. Speaking of rain, today was supposedly the last day and now it should be gone now for a while, although the cooler weather has moved in.. with a HIGH of 72 this week... ahh, sweater time!! And bring on the germs/school colds!

Overall, my class was extremely talkative again today (I'm beginning to wonder if it's a Monday thing?), but they got a freaking green at lunch, so I couldn't be too mad! Besides them being ridiculous all around, the only things that really stands out from today was one of my girls wearing a neon yellow shirt and suspenders (that's right, welcome back 80's fashion!) and a few of the kids calling her Steve Urkel (as if they know anything about him!! Haha.) and one of my boys coming in with his name shaved into the back of his head. I LOVE working with children. :) 

It says "Thomas." He said it took about an hour. Not sure if it's completely worth it, considering he'll probably come in next week with a totally new shape up! But, I guess if you have the opportunity, you might as well take it.


  1. Dont you feel like giving class silent lunch is punishment to you too!?! Ughh...I hate it--but sometimes you just got to do it!

  2. They have so much to catch up on from the weekend that they have to talk about on Mondays.

  3. @Bev- YES! I made it VERY clear to them that this was MY supposed to be my 30 minute break from them, too, so I was NOT excited about spending it in the cafeteria! Haha. Hopefully they'll get the picture, soon, so I don't have to!

    @Mike- Right. Like, how many video games they played and how many of them didn't do their homework? They are 9 years old, after all!! Haha.

  4. hahaha I think your last comment was the funniest part of this post.