Friday, November 11, 2011

America's First Nurse!

With the start of the second quarter, comes a shift in focus for Reading instruction from Fiction to Non-Fiction. As a whole, I'm not thrilled about this change because I find Fiction a whole lot more interesting, but hopefully we'll find good books to use to make it bearable, and make me smarter. (In the first week, I've already learned more about whales than I'll ever need to know!) :)

While we were studying "Questions to ask when reading a Biography" (thrilling, I know!), I assigned a homework page all about Clara Barton (founder of the American Red Cross). With the passage were 7 questions for the students to answer and while grading them, I decided the answers were too good not to share. :)

Question #7: Would you like to become a nurse? Explain.
Yes, because that lady helped soldiers in need and I felt it was sweet and brave. (THAT lady? The one who you just read a whole page about and now can't remember her name?)
Yes, because I would do anything to help and save others from death.
Yes, because I would take bullets out of them. (Limited view of what a nurse actually does, but....)

No, because I would not think it's cool. (Molly, about that Career Day speech... Are you going to make it COOOOOOL!?)
No, because you can touch some blood.
No, because I don't want to be in a small clinic.
No, because I don't want to get sick and die from other people. (Valid.)
No, because it's too much to take care of, too much work and it's nasty, too. (Well said.)
No, because I want to (insert choice profession here)... teach/be a policeman/be a football player.
No, because I don't want to give kids shots! It might hurt them and it might hurt me! 
No, because I am a boy. (Helllllo sexism!)

I love it when I get a chance to peek inside their brains and see what they're thinking. They're so wonderful and ridiculous!

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  1. I will DEFINITELY change those nay-sayers minds about nursing when I come for career day November 2012. Just you wait! They'll be chomping at the bit to be jammed in a small clinic taking bullets out of people and touching blood!