Friday, September 10, 2010


I've never done a blog before, but I always enjoy reading other people's! While teaching last year, I was constantly laughing at ridiculous things my students said or just crazy happenings in the classroom. I would occasionally text or email my family with the stories, but figured this was an easier way to get that information out, could be updated more frequently and would allow more people to share in the fun... plus my family's inboxes won't be overwhelmed with any more emails than we have room for (thanks to mom and her forwards!)

I'm not promising to update every day.. or even every week (let's be honest, life is busy and full!), but I will try to be consistent with it, and will most definitely include the funniest of stories (or at least ones that I find funniest... sorry if they don't always come across funny or if they're ones you had to be there for!)

With that being said, enjoy! Please comment if you can!

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