Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Classroom

Wow! I forgot how exhausting and busy it was to be a full-time teacher! I've hardly had time to sleep this week, let alone update my blog, so I apologize for that! I am getting more into the blogger mindset, though, and various times throughout the week have stopped and thought, "Hmm, I should blog about that".. so hopefully I'll get more into a routine and be able to squeeze some posts in throughout the week. Since that didn't happen this week, though, I'll just post everything today! I'll break it up into a few posts, though, so it's easier to manage! :)

First, I figured I needed to post some pictures of my classroom so you all can see where the wonder and excitement happens and have some frame of reference for my stories. The pictures are from Open House night (hence the food on the reading table!), as I figured my room would never be that clean again... ever! (And only 2 weeks in, I'm discovering my prediction was correct!) Those of you who have been removed from elementary school for a while, may be overwhelmed with the amount of color/posters/activities/overall busyness, but if you were 9-years-old, it would be just perfect. :) And, since this was taken before school started, the walls have only gotten more full with the wonderful projects, rules, and procedures that we've created in the past 9 days.

With that being said, take a look into my world!

The view from my desk. Only improved by the 23 little ones that fill up those empty desks.
The view from the doorway.
Last year, my door said "Here's the Scoop: 4th Grade is a Real Treat" and each student's name was on a scoop of ice cream on a giant cone... This year, I saw this popcorn set and really wanted it. Didn't put two and two together until after it was already up that people might start to wonder about my crazy junk food obsession. Oh well. I like to eat!

(**Note: If you click on the pictures, you'll have the ability to zoom in... I think. I'm new to this whole blog thing, remember?)


  1. LOVE your classroom. Nice work, Gus!

  2. Love the pictures Steph! Thanks for sharing now I know where all of the crazy stories will take plae this year. Looking forward to reading more posts!