Monday, April 7, 2014

Valentine's Day

You know you're a little behind in blogging when you blog about Valentine's Day in April. Oops. :) But, seeing as it's one of my favorite holidays (I'm beginning to think I over-use that term "favorite holiday".. but I just love them all!), I couldn't at least give it a little shout out. The day, as expected, was busy, loud, fun, yummy, and full of love and laughter.
We took this picture at snack time... before any sugar had been consumed. I've always said they can smell sugar into their bloodstreams. I think this serves as proof.

Wouldn't be an elementary school Valentine's Day without making "mailboxes". 

Cupcakes, brownies, cookies, candy, soda, and Valentine's Bingo. Pretty much every student's dream come true.
We set up the cafeteria for the joint K-4 party while they were at PE. 
 The noise level got progressively louder throughout the hour long event. 
Real Funfetti cupcakes with real Pillsbury icing. These kids don't even know how lucky/spoiled they are that I share my American goodies with them! 
Sweet little Avagail Grace.  My Valentine. :) 

I ended my day babysitting this sweet thang and then sorting my loot! Yes, that is a FULL bag of real American Valentine's Reeses PB Cups.... And lots of other yumminess that I definitely didn't need. It is hopefully clear to see why Valentine's Day is one of my favorites.  

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