Friday, January 11, 2013

SunBear News

Our school has 22 students. It's not hard to pass around information and news, so we have no real need for morning announcements. In an attempt to build school unity and give the older students a creative outlet, though, the middle/high school students have produced a weekly Newscast for us every Friday. They're always semi-goofy, semi-informational, and all around fantastic. My kids LOVE going to the high school room every Friday to see what hilarious things will be in the morning show.

However, as the semester draws to a close, the older students are busy finishing up classwork and other responsibilities, and have decided to take a break from the Newscast for a few weeks. So as to prevent any heartbroken 1st graders, I said we'd take a shot at it. We teamed up with the 3rd and 4th graders to produce our very first SunBear News.

Here it is! Enjoy!

(P.S. The new student is in my room (bringing me to a whopping 5!) and he really is as hilarious, energetic, and adorable as he appears. More stories to come from him for certain!)

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  1. Ok, that is so cute. I think my favorite part was the interview with the 2 girls. Lydia is a good interviewer, and the answer to "Why do you want to learn more?" was awesome. So cute, great job teachy!