Friday, May 20, 2011

Pep Rally!

So, along with Super Hero day, May 13th also happened to be the day of our annual SOL pep rally. Now, I was on the student programming board while I was at CNU, so I know a thing or two about planning big events, but holy cow this pep rally took a lot out of me!
Since Danielle and I found out about the pep rally and were asked to plan the pep rally in the same meeting, only 2 weeks before it was to happen, we were a little stressed! We both brought our ideas to the table of what we wanted to see and how we could make it even better than last year's. We immediately sent out some emails and got to work, but it seemed like everything still came down to the last minute!

The definite highlight of the day was the CNU basketball team sending 5 players out to put on a show! They were the first people we asked to be there, but since school had already let out for the semester, we weren't sure if anyone would be around. Thankfully it all worked out and they were awesome! In one of my many e-mails to Coach K, I told him to let his players know that they should prepare to be idolized... well, I don't know if they were prepared, but they were definitely idolized! It was honestly like the students were watching the top players from the NBA participating in the most prestigious and intense dunking contest ever! (....I haven't watched the NBA in 15 years so can't be more specific with names and titles!...)

Anyway, their show involved them running in through the side door and doing a few lay-ups and dunks and getting the kids totally pumped! Then, the coach introduced each of the players... Two of the players were current high school seniors who had signed to play at CNU next year, two were CNU underclassmen and one was a CNU senior. One of the HS seniors had actually attended Palmer back in 4th grade, so that was even more awesome! After introductions were over, the coach took some volunteers from the audience to play a game of Knock-Out against the players. He chose one teacher from 3rd, 4th and 5th and two 5th grade boys. I was running down to my room to grab something while he was choosing his players, but was told later that half of the fourth graders chanted my name when he asked for a 4th grade teacher. (Clearly they've seen my moves during my pick-up recess games!) I was so ticked, I LOVE Knock-Out!! :) Anyway, before the game started, the coach promised tickets to a CNU basketball game to the whole grade level based on whichever teacher won. Well, since neither the 3rd nor 4th grade teacher knew how to play, the game was pretty much handed to the 5th grade teacher... except for his little student who almost ended up beating him! Amid the loud cheers from the 5th graders, Coach K came back and announced that actually he had enough tickets for every student and teacher for a game next year... pretty amazing, if you ask me! After the game was over, the players held a mini dunking contest and had the kids cheer for the winner. It turned out to be the former Palmer student, so he got the privilege of giving a little pep talk and making sure to emphasize the importance of education and doing your best! When he was done, they went around giving high-5s and creating a full-on riot, which we quickly ended and sent them on their way!
I made sure to tell the Coach that the more personality the players had, the better! They definitely took that and ran with it!
The 4th grade teacher that ended up getting chosen, was also one that had been selected to be a Kung Fu Panda for the day (although she looked/acted more like a Leprechaun Panda!) Maybe I shouldn't feel so honored that the kids wanted me to represent them.... :)
The Slam Dunk Champ!
After the b-ball players left, to get the kids to calm back down, we played a slide show that I had put together to motivate them! Another reason I love my job.... I get to listen to High School Musical and Miley Cyrus as part of my daily research and homework. :) If you're interested in watching, let me know and I'll send you the link. I'm not allowed to post it on here for privacy reasons.. Mom, beware, you'll probably end up crying!

When the slideshow was done, we proceeded with a skit by the Guidance Counselor and her 5th grade drama club, a step/cheer by a couple of 5th grade girls, a pep talk from our Assistant Principal, one of our interventionists leading the kids in the song "I've Got a Feeling -- SOL Version" and lots of people handing out SOL Survival Kits on their way out the door. 

It was an incredible event and the excitement and joy felt around the building was amazing and totally worth all the hours put into it! Lots of people have already started asking what we have planned for next year... only time will tell!! :)

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